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I just spotted this monster HAARP/Radar pulse ring on the Intellicast website about an hour ago. The ring is located in roughly similar geographical territory as the one DutchSinse reported on August 8th, “

Take note how the bottom end of the ring is creeping directly over downtown Toronto. As Dutch would say; Watch the center of the pulse for up to 72 hours from the point of emission for possible severe weather to develop — hail, damaging winds, and even the possibility of spot tornadoes.




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Earlier today I saw this post on Dutch’s blog and immediately flipped over to Intellicast to see if it was still pinging realtime at that moment. As it turns out it was and I got these screenshots below as a backup to his original breaking of this eerily weird event.

So what is it? It’s a massive HAARP/scalar circle spanning the entire central Mexican continent East to West and centered just west of the national capital Mexico City. The definition of the ring edges is nearly complete and I personally have been left with no doubt that a man-made cause is behind the emergence of this event. With Dutch echoing in my ear “what’s at the center of the ring?” I zoomed in and located the Aeropuerto de Toluca at nearly dead center within a couple of miles. A rather nondescript one major runway kind of outfit and could be perfect cover for the kind of radar experiment(s) that are clearly going on in the region. There is also a curious looking circular structure on site. More to come on that.

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This collage of images below are my own personal “screenshots” from Intellicast this year. I have too many to show here so I’ve cherry picked the most striking and defining of the bunch.

Hey Readers,

Check out this beauty that I’ve spotted on Intellicast CONUS North American radar.
The link is here

The radius on this one is huge, over a hundred kilometers in diameter. As the screenshots will show there is a lot of rain activity going on specifically in the region of the ring itself. I’ve drawn a circle around the outer edge of the ring so that I could locate the center of the circle. DutchSince the now-famous weather blogger has maintained from the beginning that most of the time he finds airports and/or military bases at the center of these anomalous radar pings. He calls them HAARP rings based on the US Military experiment/base in Alaska going by the same name.

What does HAARP stand for? High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Anyways, what did I find at the center of this ring? A town. A place that has the moniker “The Model Town of the North” that’s right it’s Kapuskasing, Ontario. Strangely enough the google map image directly over this town is awful and I mean awful by Google standards. Plus, there is no street view action in the entire town – not joking. Are you trying to tell me that the town that bills itself as the ‘model’ town has escaped Google’s attention in the most populous province in the country?! It seems outrageous that the municipal officials would let this happen. In the meantime, they have a nice small-medium airport right in town and it’s even located on Government Road. As I said the image quality is degraded so badly that I can’t make out specific objects at the airport which makes it virtually impossible to locate a radar tower. But there it is anyways, an immaculate coincidence perhaps.



I took these screenshots below of a good-sized HAARP ring flash over New York. A closer inspection of the pics will show that Fort Dix is at the center of the ring. Big surprise? No. But you do have to be aware that things like this are not just possible but are going on above us today.

update: Oct 24th 10:17pm

I checked the weather last night and there were 3 strong storm cells in the immediate area and lots of rain falling. I neglected to take a screenshot of it (ack) partly thinking that today would be even more intense. However I’ve just checked it again and the skies are fairly clear with normal temperatures.