Hey readers,

Earlier today I saw this post on Dutch’s blog and immediately flipped over to Intellicast to see if it was still pinging realtime at that moment. As it turns out it was and I got these screenshots below as a backup to his original breaking of this eerily weird event.

So what is it? It’s a massive HAARP/scalar circle spanning the entire central Mexican continent East to West and centered just west of the national capital Mexico City. The definition of the ring edges is nearly complete and I personally have been left with no doubt that a man-made cause is behind the emergence of this event. With Dutch echoing in my ear “what’s at the center of the ring?” I zoomed in and located the Aeropuerto de Toluca at nearly dead center within a couple of miles. A rather nondescript one major runway kind of outfit and could be perfect cover for the kind of radar experiment(s) that are clearly going on in the region. There is also a curious looking circular structure on site. More to come on that.